Our Story

We are a leading, professional, and fast-growing cosmeceutical company that has been founded on year 2003, we are specialized in delivering real skin solutions that helps in solving many skin problems and concerns, improving people quality of life. We represent many International cosmeceutical brands, but at the same time we are having our own locally manufactured high-quality unique brands to offer different solutions with a variety of prices that fits different needs.


Our mission is to innovate, introduce and deliver unique and effective skin solutions for everyone and every skin concern.


Our Vision is to simply make people love their skin.



It is the absolute right of our customers to have everything done in a right and healthy way.


Average solutions are not an option for us, we always seek perfection.


We love what we do, so we passionately do it.


We give our best because we consider PRT our home.


It is very easy to be a copy of many, but innovation leads us to uniqueness.


Our best reward is impacting people lives and improving its quality.

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