Spectragel is a topical silicone gel designed for the management of keloid and hypertrophic scars which are the normal outcome of skin tissue repair. Scars can cause unpleasant symptoms and be aesthetically distressing, disfiguring, and psychosocially and functionally disabling. They results from excessive production of collagen or decreased collagenase activity and are often red, inflamed, itchy, and even painful.

Spectragel is air permeable, odorless and invisible in just 5 minutes. The 28.4 gm tube can last up to 90 days for a 15 to 20 cm scar. Once dry, Spectragel may be worn under makeup. A great advantage of using Spectragel is its ease of application and effortless maintenance.

Who should use Spectragel?

Individuals who suffer from both old and new scars as a result from any surgical or cosmetic procedure, or trauma to the skin. Red, Raised Scars respond to silicone gel treatment exceptionally well, as do any hypertrophic scars. Spectragel is also recommended for management of older, more persistent scars or large areas such as burn scars. Spectragel will soften, smooth and flatten most scars as well as reduce redness and return natural skin color. Spectragel is intended for areas of the body such as the face, hands, joints and hairy areas where it may be difficult to wear sheeting material.

How does Spectragel work?

It works through three mechanisms of actions ( Hydration, Protection and Modulation of growth factors ) and significantly improves the scar scale parameters ( height, pain, color, itchness, vascularity and playability ).

How to use spectragel?

Apply a small amount in one direction to make a very thin film.
Cosmetics and make up may be applied upon it once dry after 4 – 5 min.
How long must you use Spectragel?

Use Twice daily for 2 months in case of prevention, 2 months for treatment of new scars, 3 months minimum for old scars. You may start noticing your scar fading within two weeks. For others it may take longer, about a month.