Spectragel2Q is a topical silicone gel designed for sensitive skin post laser, chemical peeling and dermabrasion. Spectragel2Q is air permeable, odorless and invisible in just 5 minutes. Once dry, Spectragel2Q may be worn under makeup. A great advantage of using Spectragel2Q is its ease of application and effortless maintenance.

Who should use Spectragel2Q?

Individuals who suffers erythema as a result of any cosmetic procedure such as laser, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, etc… .

How does Spectragel2Q work?

It works through formation of a very thin film layer of silicone that reduces the eryhtema and crusting downtime post cosmetic sessions to the half. It prevents post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, infection, scarring and reduces pain and itchiness.

How long must you use Spectragel?

Use Twice daily for few days between cosmetic sessions on skin areas subject for the procedures.