Spectrafilm is a highly comfortable, clear, self adherent silicone gel sheet, with the same properties as a silicone scar gel, such as Spectragel. Spectrafilm is made with 100% Healthcare grade silicone. This product is designed for scar sites covered by clothing. The silicone gel sheeting can be trimmed to fit almost any scar that you prefer to use it on, and the sheets are reusable for up to one month with proper washing and usage.

Who should use Spectrafilm?

Individuals who suffer from both old and new scars as a result from any surgical or cosmetic procedure, or trauma to the skin and those who suffers from burns. Red, Raised Scars respond to silicone gel sheeting treatment exceptionally well, as do any hypertrophic scars. Spectrafilm is also recommended for management of older, more persistent scars or large areas such as burn scars. Spectrafilm will soften, smooth and flatten most scars as well as reduce redness and return natural skin color. Spectrafilm is intended for areas of the body covered by clothing.

How does Spectrafilm work?

It works through three mechanisms of actions ( Hydration, Protection and Modulation of growth factors ) and significantly improves scar scale parameters ( height, pain, color, itchness, vascularity and playability ).

How to use Spectrafilm?

Cover the scar site with spectrafilm and ake sure it extends 0.5 cm around the scar border.

Remove the spectrafilm after 12 hours, wash both the sheet and the scar site and reapply the sheet.

Spectrafilm may be secured with clothing or adhesive tape.

How long must you use Spectrafilm?

For scar prevention: to be used 2 months after the wound closure for 12 – 24 hours a day.

For pre-existing scar treatment: to be used 2 months for new scar, minimum 3 months for old and burn scars for 12 – 24 hours a day.